LinkedIn targets French pro-vaxxers, and I did not believe it.

When Didier Beaumont was banned, I thought it was a misunderstanding, easily resolved. When Nicholas Moore was banned, and had to create a new account, I was baffled. How much more? When I was permanently banned as well, it became obvious something was fishy: I sent my passport copy and yet, I was told I used a fake account! My latest comments the day before I was banned? About a far-right leader saying the vaccine is ‘experimental’. Bam. No more account.

Curiously enough, when LinkedIn users write they are like the and the French government is a bunch of Nazis, it’s not against LinkedIn TOS. When they write the health passport is the new yellow star, it’s not against the TOS. In my opinion, the way LinkedIn enforces TOS is a little bit revolting.

How is that possible? LinkedIn does have to give a reason to ban someone, the appeal is a joke and it’s not possible to contact a supervisor. I can’t even contact the support without an account. Anybody with a little bit of power can crush lives, and some of you do it, obviously.

As for me? I live in Thailand with my wife and three kids, fully relying on LinkedIn to speak to my friends, my clients, and my potential investors. I had 14,000 contacts and I lost everyone. I lost $2000 with Sales Navigator. I lost all my contacts in the French government. I lost the former Thai prime minister contact, I lost the possibility to speak with some of the most important people in the world, including my friends and my French family.

LinkedIn does not respect RGPD. I am not allowed to update my own company page. I am not even allowed to contact you. After my death, you will still get all my data in your computers. Since I am French, it’s likely you will pay, someday, hundreds of millions. As for me, it will be too late.

LinkedIn burned my start-up to the ground, and I have no idea how to make money in a country where nobody speaks English. My elder son is crying because we can’t anymore use the aircon. I can’t pay for health insurance, and I am 56. No more private schools for my kids, and if one of them get sick for some reason, they could die because Thailand does not offer free health, even for kids.

If we lived in a fairy tale, someone at LinkedIn would apologize, fix your mess and restore my account. But this is real life, After reading the first line of my email I will be tagged as spammer and nobody in LinkedIn will receive my mails, and some lawyer will threaten me. Because in real life, you care about your bonus, not the lives you crush.




I am doing stuff on internet for about 30 years. Some of my websites: and

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Francis Rozange

Francis Rozange

I am doing stuff on internet for about 30 years. Some of my websites: and

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